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XDESIGN AL OUD AL NAQI Perfumes was established in 2016.

Everybody is unique each and every person in the world carries a different personality individually. People are different from each other no matter if they belong to the same country, city or even from the same family, Each personality carries a different persona and this is why we have a wide range of 89 fragrances all different from each other, for different occasions and for day to day use like Oils, Bakhoors and Perfumes.

 As we belong to Middle East, we gave a touch of culture and tradition to our collection like mandates for weekends and weekdays. Fragrances for party nights, beach parties, prayer days, college students, office going people, Men & Women are especially crafted with a blend of aromatic ingredients. This expression of luxury fragrances provides a soothing experience throughout the day.belong to Middle East, we gave a touch of 


XDesign products are made after the research of people’s choice. We have everyday use perfumes for men and women keeping in mind the different aura they carry. We have rare to find fragrances, few types are

Wood / Floral

Experience the scent of fresh flowers from the English countryside in every spray. Energizing and rejuvenating, it gives you a refreshing feel.


Our collection has alluring and authoritative appeal that instantly overshadows ordinary perfumes. It is a fine concoction of mint and lemon along with an intense and passionate aroma of Geranium flowers with Vetiver and Musk.

Oriental & marine

A contemporary connoisseurs deeply rooted in traditional values. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de Perfumes offer a discerning memorable experience

Fruity & Musky

Extracted from flowers the highly valuable essence, expertly blended and patiently matured to perfection, creating an intense yet balanced fragrance that captivates the senses.

Oriental / Leathery

This fragrance is highly diffusive and has very good retention. Derived from aged Dubai Agar wood, the pleasant and long lasting aroma radiates unique characteristics bearing the mark of Dubai Oudh.

Woody / Aromatic

Amalgamation of both ancient traditional yet modern scent. The sweet and pure smell will satisfy all your expectations and beyond. Attar brings to light a flattering fragrance with an enchanting smell of musk.

Floral / Musky

Its hedonistic appeal has a unique blend of strong woody fresh essence that spruce up instantly for your everyday shenanigans. Its strong fragrance will scintillate your aura.

Fruity & Gourmand

A rich and traditional aroma that adds an extra touch of exoticness to our fragrances.

OUD –also known as Agar wood and Musk are one of the most expensive ingredients of perfumes in the world. We have 2 types of pure Oud wood (Oud Cashab), 8 different kinds of Oud Maatar and two types of Dehen Oud which are very well-known and most common in Middle East, Dehen oud seufi and dehen oud Qadeem.

MUSK is commonly used as a base notes in perfumery with its classy aromatic substances commonly used as base notes in perfumery. For us, we have three (3) types of musk which we named as MUSK AL HIND, MUSK MALAKI and MUSK XDESIGN.

MUKHALLAT means mixture of Non – Alcoholic Essential oils and Aroma Ingredients, as against the alcoholic base in perfumes. We have around forty (40) Mukhallat that we are selling in our show room.


Our vision is to be recognized as the company that offers the best marketing with high and good quality scent that express the unique character of individual and every moment of life. To give a unique experience of customers and be valued in terms of customer service with our well trained staff.


Our mission is to offer unique and high quality scent of fragrances withstands the values and lifestyles of every man and every woman, regardless of age in all continent.

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